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Training for OSHA Requirements: A Great Strategy for Training

Effective Training Strategy

Training for OSHA can feel like a monumental task. A lot of concerns can arise from trying to figure out the best way to comply. More still can come up when a company tries to figure out how to comply with the requirements and still be effective in production. Well, in this regard, companies are in luck. OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck Standard shows a good general strategy for conducting training.

For any training strategy to be effective, you need to look at the specific training needs of the company. That includes determining if training is needed for the given task, the key components of the task, and the best methods for delivering training.

If you think about how you learn, you may think you learn best in one specific way. Traditionally, they include visual, auditory, reading, and hands-on type learning. There is debate on how accurate this is, but what does appear to be true is that using a multi-media approach often yields the best results.

OSHA adds a multifaceted approach has training take place in the classroom as well as the field. Classroom training includes getting any applicable awareness level training for the task. Then a suitable trainer needs to evaluate skills to make sure the employee can do the work correctly. If all of that goes well, the employee is given a certification. Check out the video, to the left, to get the full details.

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