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Improve Your Water Storage Prepping Efforts Today!

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Survival Prep Requires Action

As is the case with pretty much anything, if you want to improve or succeed at something, you need to take action. If you are in the more eastern and south eastern part of Texas, you know full well that some significant storms have occurred. And they can occur in many parts of the United States and abroad. A major concern of such storms is that they can take out power and compromise water systems.

In my previous blog post, I tested the water I obtained from my rain barrel that was filtered in a survival water filter. The results were that the stagnant water was filtered such that it appears safe to drink. That's a big deal because it makes getting usable drinking water from the sky a simple process as long as you have the right tools. The post even showed that this method of water storage prepping can be cheaper than the more straight forward method of simply storing your tap water and adding a preservative to it.

Improve Your Water Storage Prepping Efforts Today

It's time to get a move on in improving your water storage prepping efforts. There are a seemingly ever increasing amount of storms and issues affecting the U.S. as well as other parts of the world. If you're in a part of the country that gets a decent amount of rain, then getting yourself a rain barrel and a survival water filter are good ways to ensure you have water when your main source is not available.

If you're like me, you are a bit wary of selling attempts. I don't mind people trying to sell me something. There are a lot of valuable things and services out there. But the reverse is also true. That's why I made the previous blog post showing the results of what I'm recommending. It's kind of like the test drive you get with a car. You want to see some form of proof that things are the way they're being portrayed. If you haven't seen the previous blog post, I'll include it as a linked post at the end. It has access to the testing results of using the filter. I'll also include the blog post that has the testing of the raw rainwater itself. Spoiler alert, but the raw rainwater had some bacteria in it... yuk!

You will need to consider any local or state laws for collecting rainwater, but Texas looks to encourage collecting rainwater. If you want a bit more information on the specifics for collecting rainwater in Texas, check out this link. Whether you collect rainwater or not, if you lose access to potable water, but you have natural water sources nearby, a survival water filter can still come in handy when you need water the most. Again, the specific rules of where you live need to be consulted on what is and isn't permitted. Without further ado, here are two products that can make a big difference in taking your water storage prepping efforts to the next level! As of the time I'm writing this, these are actually cheaper than when I first purchased them (the black version isn't currently available, but the green one is), so act quickly to enjoy those savings.

Ensure your water is pure enough for drinking with this survival water filter.


Capture precious rainwater from your roof with this collapsible rain barrel.

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