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Car Survival Prep: Car Jump Starter Battery Kit

Updated: Feb 10

Why Should You Get a Car Jump Starter Battery Kit?

Have you ever done something silly, like leave your car radio or lights on? Did you pay for it the next day with a car that wouldn't start? I feel for you. While I haven't experienced that, I have experienced a car that wouldn't start because it was sitting idle for too long in the heat. When your car doesn't start, it can give you a worried feeling. You may not pay much attention to how much you really need your car until something goes wrong with it.

If you want to know why you really need a car jump starter battery kit, think of why you have your car in the first place. I bet it has something to do with needing to get from point a to at least point b, right? And points A and B are far enough apart that walking or biking would take too much time or too much effort. So, you need the car to go when you need to get going.

Now ask yourself how close you are with your neighbors? This may literally be how much physical distance you are from your neighbors. But it could simply be that you may not have taken enough time to get to know them and are a bit bashful about asking for help. If you get the kit, you can take care of two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Thankfully, a usual reason for the car's failure to start is fairly straight forward. The battery needs so much juice in it to get the starter to work and actually get the engine going. As long as there aren't any other issues, such as a failing alternator or dying starter, you can solve the problem by taking care of the nearly dead battery. The car jump starter battery kit allows you to do this all by itself with minimal muss and fuss. And, it does it pretty quickly.

My Car Jump Starter Battery Kit Was Pretty Easy to Use

The kit is a pretty straight forward tool to use. I did read the instructions, and if you get one, you should too. It came with the following: a battery pack, car battery connector cables, a USB charging cord, and a bag. The unit may not be fully charged when you get it, so it's a good idea to charge it first. When it's at full capacity, you'll begin the assembly process.

It's very important that you actually read and follow the provided manufacturer instructions that come with the unit. Failure to do so could cause injury or damage. With that said, I will give you the general overview (informational; not to be followed literally) of use. You plug the jumper cables to the battery pack. You'll remove the grip spacer in the jumper cables. Open up your car hood and locate the battery. In general, there will be black and red marked/covered battery terminals. Attach the jumper cables to their corresponding car battery terminal color (black to black and red to red). Then, turn on the car jump starter battery kit. It should look like some of its visual icons are pulsing. Then, try to start your car. That's it! The car should start straight away.

When the car starts, you will likely want to keep the car running for 20-30 minutes at least before turning it off again. When you do get the car to start, you will remove the kit. Now, it's all fine and good for me to say this. But you may be a bit unsure if it's really that easy. Well, I made a short video to demonstrate its use. I hope you find it illuminating.

Let's See the Proof, Already!

Here's Where You Can Get Yours

Survival prep doesn't just apply to your home. It can be a real problem if your car doesn't start when you need it to, and you are already on the road. And although we only looked at one item for this post, there are some other items that can be just as valuable. There are fairly common issues you and your car can face on the road, and you'll need more than this to make sure you can handle them. As an Amazon Associate, commission may be earned on qualifying purchases.

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