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About Us

Practical EHS Biz LLC aims to reduce the complexities of environmental, health, and safety management (EHS) down to more feasible parameters. There are a lot of rules and regulations out there. Many of them are not clear. If you don’t believe me, check some of the OSHA regulations. You will probably see that many regulations have letters of interpretation. That’s right. People had questions because the standard may not have been clear enough as written. While compliance may not always  be logical, much of workplace EHS is.

It can take a lot to wrap your head around EHS management. The owner/operator's manufacturing, management, credentials, and education gives a background strong in the multi-faceted nature of the workplace. As such, the business has an integrated, reason-based approach to solving the complex problems faced in such environments. If you're still curious about qualifications, click here.

The current services offered is an informational blog. Other services are planned, so check out the site regularly to see updates to this. The blog will hopefully provide general information to those trying to tackle the beast that is EHS. Understanding how things work is a passion, and it drives making useful workplace changes. A lot of change starts with taking an objective look at operational processes and determining if there are issues with the current methods. The evaluation may yield that there aren't many significant problems to speak of. But, that doesn't mean that improvements aren't warranted. When being objective and critical, you may find that there are some cool ways to make things better. That can be satisfying on its own. The blog can shine light on some of the ways to accomplish things in the field. It also will show that to be successful, lofty ideals are not enough. There must be practical, ground-level action plans to yield the change that is needed lest it falls on its face.

The blog will focus primarily on environmental, health, safety and sustainability topics. However, a business is more than just these things. As such, the intent is to speak on many business-related topics such as sales, quality, procurement and supply chains, and others. A business is much like the body in that it takes many parts working together to function properly. The focus of any topic will be on what is practical. Sometimes things seem impractical until you change your vantage point. Even the most knowledgeable among us doesn't know everything. While helping others, it's important to learn from others. You may find out that you know more than you thought you did. When you learn that things aren’t always as difficult as they may seem, you can start to see how to solve things.

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